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Geoff Vautier

"Business advisor and provocateur, challenging you to raise your prices and make more money."

International speaker, trainer and author, Geoff Vautier has spent his business life involved in numbers. His background is as a Chief Financial Officer in the business world where his experience has been gained 'at the coalface'.

He is fascinated by the aspect of pricing and believes that, from a financial point of view, pricing is clearly one of the most important things that influence a business’s success. And equally important is the step of taking action.

Yet, the process of pricing is largely ad hoc and not well defined. With this in mind, Geoff's resources on pricing help business people think about the range of issues that need to be addressed when setting and raising prices and shows them step by step how to achieve it.

What Clients Have to Say

If you are in business you should take this course. It contains essential content for anyone selling products or services. I have three members of my family that run their own businesses and I have recommended they follow the course. Geoff makes some really valid points throughout every lesson. The lesson around pricing and mindset is really relevant for many people I know. As well as the topic of knowing your numbers. I highly recommend the course to any entrepreneur, business owner or manager responsible for pricing.

I systematically applied Geoff’s principles. I stopped offering three of my lowest-priced products. I increased the prices of the rest of the products by one notch. That is, the entry-level product is now priced at mid-level, mid-level products to the top level. I increased the top product price by 20% and I also gave options for value-added products and am cross-selling and up-selling. I am handling the same number of orders now. However, my revenue has gone up by 37%! Great work, Geoff! I would recommend Geoff’s work to anyone who is in business. He provides very sensible advice and you can see the effect on the bottom line immediately.

Gita Iyer

Pixels Webdesign

Gita Iyer

Pixels Webdesign

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