How To Raise Your Prices, Make More Money and Keep Your Customers

Learn the crucial 7 steps successful businesses use to raise their prices with confidence, make more money and yet still keep their customers coming back for more.




You won’t be alone if you answer Yes to at least one of these questions.

These are some of the most common issues business owners face.

  • Do you feel like you are on treadmill, constantly worrying about how to pay your bills?
  • Do you believe you offer tremendous value, but can’t charge enough for it?
  • Do you worry that if you increase your prices your customers will leave in droves?
  • Is balancing your cashflow a constant concern that you have to keep managing?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are not alone. Many business owners are in exactly the same position.

The trouble is few people are willing to challenge the status quo and do something about it.

They go to sleep at night stuck with their constant concerns over money.

They wake in the morning with their never-ending thought that they could have done better in life, and wondering if only they could have earnt more.

My 40 years’ experience of working with business owners like you predicts that you are not charging enough for your products and services.

It’s not your fault… it’s just that nobody has shown you a better way.

So you’ve reverted to what is safe.

You’re using rules of thumb, not thinking about it. You're stuck in a rut!

The good news is that there's a painless way out.

But the big question is, does this stuff really work?

Let me give an unusual, but very personal answer.

In the process of developing this course, I employed many professionals:  a web designer, a co-author for my book, an editor, a film promoter for my international keynote speeches, and various artists.

During the period of their involvement (which in some cases did span over a year), they all significantly increased their prices to me as a result of what they learned in the process.

I think that is a tremendous recommendation.

I’m especially proud of Kate Cobb, the co-author of my book. When I went to Upwork to seek contractors, she was already the most expensive of the people who applied for the role. And, ultimately, she more than doubled her prices to me.

Some would say that that is a smack in the face. On the contrary, I see it as absolute proof that these ideas work, and I am delighted to pay.

Imagine This...

Knowing that next week you could

  • Raise your prices, make more money, and have customers that enjoy paying more to buy from you.
  • See an immediate improvement in cash flow, like turning on a tap to extra money.
  • Overnight be more able to meet your bills, or make that long waited for investment.
  • Celebrate your success knowing that you have overcome your financial hurdles and are back on track to fulfilling the dreams you once had when you opened the doors for the first time.


It's ALL possible when you understand the process.

That’s why I created “How To Raise Your Prices, Make More Money and Keep Your Customers” so business owners like you can make it happen.

About Geoff Vautier

I'm a business advisor and provocateur, challenging you to raise your prices and make more money!

My professional training is as a Chartered Accountant (CA) in New Zealand.

My career has been based in the private sector, where I have mostly worked as a Chief Financial Officer for owner-operated entrepreneurial companies. Entrepreneurial businesses have their own challenges, not least of which is keeping up with the twists and turns of the owner, and of constantly challenging the status quo and conventional wisdom. I have helped businesses in the most mundane and sunset industries earn substantial profits.  With such a background, as expected I am far from your traditional image on an Accountant.

Business sectors include retail, wholesale, manufacturing, transport, IT, horticulture, agriculture, and investment banking.

During one role (1999) I was heavily involved in turning around a poorly performing division of the group. It turned out that this division had many unprofitable customers and prices well below the market. This lead to an interest in pricing and client profitability – there is no future in giving away your profits. It also lead to an interest in the 80/20 (Pareto) rule.

Ultimately I decided to research both of these topics and have written two business books, which in turn lead to a period as a international professional speaker, having made over 200  presentations in 7 countries. Topics include how to increase your prices, how to apply the 80/20 rule, tips and techniques for Excel users, and how to make more money in your business.

I have now crystalised my experience into a course where business people can help themselves make more money by increasing their prices in a manner which increase profits and retains the customer.


I systematically applied Geoff’s principles. I stopped offering three of my lowest-priced products. I increased the prices of the rest of the products by one notch. That is, the entry-level product is now priced at mid-level, mid-level products to the top level. I increased the top product price by 20% and I also gave options for value-added products and am cross-selling and up-selling. I am handling the same number of orders now. However, my revenue has gone up by 37%! Great work, Geoff! I would recommend Geoff’s work to anyone who is in business. He provides very sensible advice and you can see the effect on the bottom line immediately.

Gita Iyer

Pixels Webdesign

Gita Iyer

Pixels Webdesign

By putting into practice what Geoff says, I have doubled my income – yes, I increased my prices by 100%, didn’t lose anyone and, in fact, gained some new clients who really believed I was worth it. It’s the proof that what Geoff says is true. I now have more work than I can handle in spite of having increased my prices. I provide great value and am developing a premium price, done-for-you service à la Geoff which will bring in even more. In return, apart from the income, I get great feedback and oodles of satisfaction and have clients worldwide. I totally recommend ‘How to increase prices: 7 simple steps to make it happen AND keep the customer ‘ as being the best investment you can make in your business today.

I am the Chief Operating Officer of several international businesses involved in the Health, Aviation  and Agriculture industries. I’m also a consultant to a world-renowned international brand in the  medical-tape sector. 

One simple and seemingly innocuous question from Geoff’s mentored program, “Who is the customer?”, lead to a breakthrough in how we will market the product world-wide. We expect that it will triple the price that we were initially going to charge for the product, and profitability will be at least 6x more per unit.

The key to this change of mindset was allowing us to be taken outside our comfort zone and looking at the situation from a different perspective. 

Paul Leuthard


Paul Leuthard


If you are in business you should take this course. It contains essential content for anyone selling products or services. I have three members of my family that run their own businesses and I have recommended they follow the course. Geoff makes some really valid points throughout every lesson. The lesson around pricing and mindset is really relevant for many people I know. As well as the topic of knowing your numbers. I highly recommend the course to any entrepreneur, business owner or manager responsible for pricing.

When you take the course you will benefit in several ways.

  • Improved cash flow and a healthier business.
  • Knowing how to confidently increase your prices and make more money without losing customers.
  • Understanding the 7 step process for increasing your prices so you can repeat it whenever you need to.
  • More money in your bank.
  • More time to focus on the stuff you enjoy.
  • An ability to get off the hamster wheel and make more progress in your life and business.
  • Understanding what motivates your customers and what it is they like about your product or service, and what they consider to be the value received.
  • You will work through a process that busts the myths, builds a logical case for increasing your prices, and an implementation strategy that gives you the best chance of success.

Ultimately your payoff will be more money, more spare time, and less stress.


Your course fee includes the following

  1. A 2 hour, 9-part online video series which works through each of the key steps in a clear and easy to follow format.
  2. Downloadable worksheets and lesson guides so that you can complete pricing exercises as you follow the videos and apply what you have learnt.
  3. Optional hard-copy of the workbook (145 + pages) so you don't have to print off any of the materials and can have a bound set of your notes and guidance.
  4. Optional signed copy of my book “How to increase prices: Seven simple steps to make it happen and keep the customer”.
  5. Optional materials shipped by fast international courier to your address so you don’t have to print anything off and can get started as quickly as possible.

Plus bonuses worth $550 if you take the Premium Package

You will also get the following bonuses when you sign up to the premium package.

  1. 20 Special Reports covering various business topics that help you with other areas of your business. (Value $200)
  2. An Excel spreadsheet that enables you to evaluate the price/ volume/ margin trade-off to maximise profits. (Value $150)
  3. An Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the discounts and freebies you are currently giving away. (Value $150)
  4. Copy of the Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts when you subscribe to my newsletter. (Value $50)
*all prices in USD

  • 30 day refund policy

  • Unlimited access

  • Online course videos & worksheets

  • Course workbook in hard copy

  • Signed copy of Geoff's book

  • Book and course workbook shipped by fastest international courier

*all prices in USD

  • 30 days refund policy

  • Unlimited access

  • Online course videos & worksheets

  • Excel spreadsheets

  • Course workbook in hard copy

  • Signed copy of Geoff's book

  • 20 Special Reports and worksheets (saving over $200)

  • Book and course workbook shipped by fastest international courier

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. You will not be working at anybody else's pace except your own.

Yes. If you follow the course and apply what I teach you will. You must act upon what you learn though. If you simply learn but don't take the correct action then clearly you can not expect to improve things.

You can take the course on any device with an Internet connection including your smart phone.

Simply email me your request for a refund explaining why you decided the course was not for you and then I will refund you the price you paid on the card you made payment with.

You get two new ones every month and they are stored in your online library on my website alongside your course. I'll send you an email telling you the new report is waiting for you. Simple, safe, secure and a great aid to your pricing initiatives.

Do not wait! You Deserve a Healthier Business and Happier Life

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