Over Thirty Years of Business and Consultancy Expertise

Working with Geoff brings you over thirty years of expertise across a variety of fields and business sectors. For example:

  • Feasibility studies for two major greenfields businesses, and then CFO, which now collectively employ more than 1,000 people
  • Multiple feasibility studies for agricultural business in Africa, spanning rice, cereal crops, intensive livestock farming, fish farming, and abattoirs. These projects are still under negotiation.
  • Information Memorandums for major businesses seeking additional funds – debt and equity
  • Management Board member for two companies, and former Director of another
  • Planned, developed and promoted a 1,000 person music concert
  • Former part owner of a software company (18 years), an agricultural commodities trader (5 years), smallgoods manufacturer (10 years), and my own consulting company 20+ years.
  • President of a Regional Sporting body
  • Co-consultant on several Regional and Central Government agency reports into failures in the building certification industry in New Zealand
  • Fulltime roles in the following industries: agriculture, horticulture, retail, transport, investment banking, manufacturing, and software




Geoff's consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Feasibility studies for greenfields and existing businesses

  • Information Memoranda for debt raising and restructuring

  • Advanced budgeting models for corporate businesses using Excel
  • Due diligence of financial information and Investment Banking transactions

  • Writing Investment Project proposals





Geoff provides business training and workshops in several areas including:

  • ‘80/20’ principles and how to leverage Pareto for greater results.
  • How to complete monthly accounts by day 3 of the new month.
  • How to increase prices and keep the customer.
  • Excel tips and techniques for busy people.
  • Understanding ROCE and the CAP model to drive improved business performance.
  • Introduction to management accounts, Profit and Loss and the balance sheet for business owners.
  • How to improve business performance in the trucking business.



Geoff is an international business speaker, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Geoff’s professional training is in Accounting, and most of his working life has been spent as a Financial Controller / Chief Financial Officer in commercial businesses.

Don’t let the accounting thing cloud your views: Geoff definitely does not conform to the typical accounting stereotype you might expect.

Geoff has been running international ‘80/20’ (“How to discover the nuggets of gold buried in your business”), ‘Day 3 reporting’ (How to complete monthly accounts by day 3 of the new month), “Pricing (How to increase prices and keep the customer, based on his book of the same name)” and ‘Excel’ ( 99 Excel tips and techniques for busy people) seminars since the year 2000.



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